Peter's special technique has made his ribs famous for more than 25 years. Baby Back Pork Ribs, home cured & smoked right here. They are worthy of their reputation.

Ribs available for carry out and can be shipped for home delivery also.

For carry out or shipment orders, please call
(320) 693-6425

What our patrons are saying!

Central Coastal California loves Peter’s Ribs…

Central Coastal California is known for Santa Maria style BBQ, in-fact people around here believe this to be the center of the Oak fired BBQ universe. Without question, we Central Californians take BBQ very seriously. Tri-tip and BBQ ribs over oak coals is an automatic at every farmer’s market and every outdoor occasion. BBQ and SLO Brew is all anyone needs. After tasting Peter’s ribs, I am now convinced that the universe has shifted. Litchfield Minnesota is now firmly, in my mind, the epicenter for the most amazingly tender and delectably delicious ribs ever. The sauce is like nothing I have come across in any BBQ arena…a fusion of spicy and sweet, culinary perfection! Hats off to Peter and his out-of-this world BBQ extravaganza!

Michael Hoffman
SLO Brewing Company
San Luis Obispo, CA

As a citizen of Memphis, TN, I have eaten excellent BBQ Ribs. I have traveled to many cities, testing the ribs at various restaurants, but was usually disappointed when compared to the Memphis BBQ. However, eating your ribs really shocked me – it was the closest to my expectations of high quality ribs with that tender meat that pulls easily from the bone, very moist, and an excellent sweet sauce.

Congratulations on your wonderful recipe and attention to detail. I will definitely come back and try these again the next time I am in the area.

Steve Stewart
Memphis, TN

The ribs are wonderful. They are tender and loaded with flavor. I don’t think I have ever had any better flavor.

Jerry McCaw
Champaign, IL

What an experience – living in the BBQ capital of the world, I would never thought that anyone could cook ribs like Peter’s can – sweet and mellow, falling from the bone. What a flavor. Come and discover true BBQ just like I did.

Rafaei Cardenas
Memphis, TN

I just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you that I was at your club in Litchfield, and had a wonderful time and dinner! Peter, I have to say that your BBQ Ribs are the best anywhere – they are truly awesome! I look forward to the next time I am in Litchfield so that I can experience those wonderful BBQ Ribs and the wonderful service that you provide at your club!

Peter, again thank you and I look forward to being in Litchfield soon to once again par-take of those awesome Ribs!

Joel Shanahan
Minneapolis, MN


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